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Default If you've already tried approaching them

and they tell you everything is fine, you may want to first be absolutely sure about Flowerchild's question. And then after that you will have to be very patient with each other if it is ever going to be able to work.

you all need to be able to find ways to approach each other with these concerns, because it really doesn't matter if it's her not liking you and perhaps unconsciously behaving in ways that impact you or if it is closer to you having insecurity issues and being jealous

both things may be happening to some degree

and there are little things that would not take much effort on either of your parts, that could have a night and day difference for both problems that may be occurring, or effectively solve the problem if it is more one sided.

it could mean the different between being compatible or incompatible metamours. But the good thing is the when people really are struggling the most, they can be very receptive once they understand you are not the enemy and really do genuinely care

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