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Bananas in Pyjamas. *cringe* The run just ended about two weeks ago. The reruns come on seven days a week. Fortunately, DH watches it with them. It comes on about 30 minutes after he walks in the house. Payback.

I texted my little brother about Boohbah, and he asked, "Who wants to remember it?" Sums it up nicely.

The Nick, Jr. shows drive me crazy. Max and Ruby (Ruby and her little brother Max--scream), Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, The Wonder Pets (theme song irks me), and Blues Clues (a clue!). I like the little song from Bubble Guppies. She asked me to sing it with her this morning.

She likes the tweeny shows, too. iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, ANT Farm, Good Luck Charlie (actually like this one), and a few others.

I can tolerate Disney and its junior channel. Sofia the First is not that bad. Doc McStuffins is not bad. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is tolerable.

The Wiggles had a show last weekend, and I knew about it. I did not tell my DH or my daughter. I could not stand the thought of sitting through The Wiggles. I cannot get that stupid song by The Wiggles out of my head. I do not even know the name of it, but goodness, I know it is annoying. Something about a dog. We took them to the circus instead.

I should not have said anything about the Teletubbies because as I am typing this, they are on. I know they come on during the small hours of the AM, but fortunately my little ones are sleep then. Bananas in Pyjamas comes on the same channel. SMH. Ughhh.

Imagination Movers was much better than most shows. I could deal with that one.
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