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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Why is she allowed unfettered access to YOUR apartment? Because of the dog?
Mostly, she also still has stuff down here and I guess I never really got insistent on pushing her out the door.

Sounds like changing the locks would certainly solve part of your problem. Even if I were taking care of a friend's dog, having them hanging out at my apartment when I get home would be pretty unacceptable to me, unless they were actively feeding/walking/cleaning up after said dog.
It is her dog... technically I'm kind of the dog-sitter. So I try to let her be with her dog for comfort.

You have an idea of what you want your personal space to be - make it happen. Ignore her calls. Put your phone on silent. Leave and change the locks. Let her be pissy. Your life is not her life.

Unless you let it be.
Yeah, not answering her calls results in a fight of course. I had told her it was ok to call me for emergencies, but going to have to reinforce that along with telling her not to be here.

I guess the reality is I haven't fully convinced myself I don't want to be with her yet. I suck at breakups...
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