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When the people telling me are not condoning unhealthy, unreasonable behaviour and/or trying to excuse and justify that sort of behaviour, I'll listen. So far, the people who have taken issue with me the most on this site are those who have behaved in ways that I find undesirable and then got mad when I have told them exactly why I find that behaviour undesirable and suggested that we are part of some support group or something. I still strongly maintain that if you do not trust your partner to treat you fairly, you shouldn't be with them. I know other people might feel that it's okay to not have that level of security and it's alright to do a quick snoop, but I don't and will never think that is okay/ Sorry that I can't nicey nicey everything with words that prompts one to visualise fairies and unicorns, but this is me. Feel free to hit ignore if it troubles you.