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Default Speed demon goes Instagram

I got my first speeding ticket last week. I didn't argue or try to get out of it. I was coasting down a very rural hill that had a road link up to it at the bottom when I didn't notice the cop till too late.

So, I'm waiting to sign my ticket while laughing and jokin with him since he reduced to the minimum fine of 172.50$ from 338$. It's not free but it was progress and he deserved a smile for it. As he was explaining my ticket I posted to fb that I was getting my first speeding ticket. I told him that I was and he laughed about it saying, "as long as you do it while you're parked." Of course! But what makes a speeding ticket better? A pic to go with it.

Me- Mind if I take a pic of the lights in my rear view?
Cop- Why?
Me- For my update, it would really top it off.
He laughed and shrugs non-committedly.
Cop- if it were allowed you could take the pic of me too but I'm not sure it is.

Click! Done, sent and shared.

Later, I found out that the cop that ticketed me is a contact of Crux's. The cop brings jobs to our business and he says he doesn't know if I should flirt with his contacts.

How was I supposed to know?
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