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Seriously, you are blowing this out of all proportion. This is a forum site for poly and poly curious people. You posted in a section of that forum where members are freeto give their take on your situation. Your insistence that we are somehow meant to be meandering to your emotional needs is just false and is actually putting you in a worse light than I had you in to begin with. It suggests to me that you feel that anytime someone does something that isn't in accordance with your needs, you accuse them of being mean to you. Nobody is being mean here. We are simply commenting on your original post and subsequent replies. It seems that you are awful at taking criticism. You are only happy to admit fault where you think it lies and you are unprepared to look at things from any other angle.

Again, your use of the word supportive suggests that you think being supportive is agreeing with everything you say and do rather than encouraging you to take steps to create healthier relationships, or terminate relationships that are unhealthy. Just because that isn't what you want to hear it does not mean that the person is being unsupportive. They just aren't willing to support unhealthy, unreasonable behaviours when they see them.