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I'm glad you are having more fun with your daughter. It's also great that you are finding things she likes that you like, or at least can stand. Don't worry about the kids shows, there are some I still can't stand and others I dont' get why the kids never liked!

Something that works for me, take it as you may, is just getting the kids involved in what I'm doing! Believe it or not, the kids are pretty easy going and like trying new things. (to the point of me now having to hide some things if I want to enjoy them alone!) When I have to do chores, I like to be motivated so I ask if they will help and put on my music. (The stuff without inappropriate stuff, though now that they are older Drag Queen music is fine!) I dance with them in between stuff. Even if now they are older and give me annoyed looks, they still twirl when I grab them!

She's young and of course they aren't adults, but kids learn to behave around others by being around others and not having everything be down to their level! So do things you like too and just invite her to try it with you! (Meditation even worked, though I found kids do NOT stay perfectly silent during a twenty minute session! They try and they like trying and the yoga positions.) It's all about doing things together, try new things!
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