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Default The Ginger Diaries

Ugh, this heat is melting me from the inside out!
So quite a fun-filled weekend this weekend. I had to re-arrange!
I'm NEVER so busy that I have to do that. Late? Yes. Side-tracked? Yes. Waylayed by children? Most definitely. But so busy I had to re-arrange? RARELY.

The fam jam has been invited to go camping this weekend with friends. Mouse and I made plans to meet up Friday and go to a riverside patio before we were invited. Crux wants to go as a family but I'm refusing to break my commitment. Also, a bunch of our friends and theirs friends and so on are goin tubing down the river on Saturday. I had previously told them we weren't sure if we'd go to that either. We are terrible plan makers cause we forget who we've told yes to so a lot of our planning is day of or day before. So, Crux and BC may go camping and i'll so the other things.

Sunday is the day I'm most worried about..

A while back I hooked my best friend and co-worker up with Crux's brother. They got pregnant. Then crux and I got pregnant with the same due date. Pure happenstance, i swear. It was supposed to be fun being pregnant and working together. We'd always have the support of each other. But her life went spinning short way through. They were on again, off again. I stood by her side, brunted her attacks to everyone, included me, and comforted her.
The boys were born and life went south. Every so often she messages me berating me with another one of her outrageous accusations. I don't talk of her. When people ask what's happened with us I reply simply that ,"things change" and change the subject.
The biggest problem is that our guys are brothers and hers is mines employee and very closest friend. I hate our feud, or should I say HER feud. I truly believe there are bi-polar tendencies there because a few days later ill get sorry messages. I try to ignore them.
This is relevant to Sunday because her son was born a month early. His first birthday is on Sunday. I'm nervous about going because she will be there but we are family now. Our sons are cousins. I'm going to be the bigger person and go I think just to show that she can't widdle my subservience anymore. I am not superior to anyone but I won't be treated like shoegum, once enjoyed but then tossed once the taste has gone.

And In amongst all this I have to begin a massive fundraising feat. I have to raise 32,500$ by April so my cadets can go to visit the Canadian Vimy and D-Day Trail. A commenorative Educational Tour dedicated to the education of the D-Day and Vimy Anniversaries. A 10-day, multi-trek from Amsterdam to Paris experience of a lifetime. I make the proposal presentation to the parents on Tuesday.

It's just me, my ramblings and the elevator music in my head.

OKC Profile

Me: bi, reformed wild-child turned mom and house maid LOL
Crux: straight/hypersexual, possibly mono?
BC: our son, 5 years
CM: second son 9 months.
Mouse: girlfriend! Status new, feelings not so much.

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