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Originally Posted by Niesha25 View Post
What exactly do you mean by your quote....(My bounderies, rules and regulations are ever changing but not without purpose...yours should be too!)
Somethings have a tendency to grow on us and some experiences have a chance to enlighten us...remember what I said about never say never and never say no? Keeping that train of thought will cause your bounderies, rules and regulations to be ever changing and the purpose will always be in the pursuit of evolution!

If we say no or never, I feel, we could possibably be missing out on life's little lessons and adventurous! When persented with the option to try something I constaintly wonder...what's the worst that could happen! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! Of course always take inventory of your morals and ethics, don't forget to apply them...some things just aren't worth the reprecutions they come with but that should be common knowledge lol!

Like someone said in this thread earlier...Poly means something different for everyone! Let's take some time to figure out what our poly means to us...not just mine or just yours but more so that compromise we often speak about!
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