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I think men and women have different (though overlapping) relationships with their emotions, different 'officially permitted ranges' of emotions, and neither of them is 'right', just different.

It just means sometimes men and women have to make a little more effort to make sense of each other, and it's generally worth the effort. but it's not an obligation, in the sense that anyone has a 'right' to be understood by anyone else in the first place. With the right people, it's a pleasure learning what makes them tick - and part of that process is not assuming they 'should' be doing it the same way you do, or vice versa. That's just going to make someone dig their heels in.

Unfortunately, we're stuck slap bang in the middle of a media/culture-driven emphatic to maintain a Competition Of The Sexes situation (it keeps everyone insecure, which is very good for sales figures), so everyone's encouraged to compete/compare (who's winning? etc.) instead of observing and learning, and just accepting the differences as well as the similarities between men and women.
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