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What I understand is that you were not getting your needs met so you decided that you would check his phone to see if he was meeting other people's needs while ignoring yours. That is a lack of trust. You had the belief that your partner may be ignoring your needs whilst actively meeting the needs of others. That would be a shitty thing for a partner to do and you obviously think there is the possibility of your partner being shitty. If you believe that your partner would intentionally, almost maliciously be shitty towards you by disregarding your needs, then no, I strongly believe that the key things that are needed in a healthy relationship are missing.

The next thing you talk about is how okay you are about him fucking a guy, but you seem to think that if he has changed his mind from your last "how bi are you" check, he has to tell you first. If he doesn't have to tell you when he is pursuing a woman, he shouldn't have to tell you if/when he is pursuing a guy. Or does he have to check with you every time he hits on someone? Do you have different rules for men and women?

I'm sorry if you were expecting "awwww, you were totally justified in checking his phone, you have every right to know what he is doing with whom. How dare he hit on a guy without first clearing his bi curiosity with you." Maybe the next poster will give you that.