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I've been trying to get Keith to think about having another person in his life. I feel like I'm being selfish because I have both him and Bob and he has to be alone when I'm out with Bob. But he just doesn't seem to be interested. He says that another girl would only bring too much drama and he's not interested. So I said what about a guy? And while I think he's intrigued by the idea of a long term bf I think he worries about what others think. (If you've been reading you know this is a big issue with him.) He doesn't think it would stay quiet if he was hanging out with a guy all the time but I don't think so because after all we live together. But his argument is that he can't find someone. I tell him that he won't ever if he doesn't look. Maybe I should just quit trying to push the issue and let him decide what he wishes to do.
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