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Lots going on here. We got a sweet deal on a Honda odyssey ($1200!) I pretty much was let go from my second job. I was working two 12 hour sleep over nights (pretty sweet gig) and they have been firing people left and right. They hired 3 new staff and told me they didn't need me anymore. Wtf!? Who hires new people and gives your shifts away? Ugh so annoying.

My first job agreed to let me switch an evening shift for an ovn which is good because working full time and going to school full time is rough. Now I work 2 ovns, 1 evening and 1 day shift. I'm working toward a social work degree. I want to be a residential supervisor but that requires a 4 year degree.

I never went to high school, I dropped out after 8th grade and got a GED when I turned 16. I love e doing direct care but it doesn't pay very well, even as a manager I only make $10/hr. I figure for a frugal retirement we really need to save 240k, not something we can do on my current income. The first week of school was hard. I cried. I was so scared I couldn't do it. I'm happy to say that I have an A+ in both classes. Starting school in summer was pretty crazy though, each week we do double the work. I am looking forward to the short break and the lighter schedule in the fall.

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