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I am ashamed to admit it, but one of my first cousin's is the chav of the century. This douche lord has seven children. He is 40+. I am thinking about 44, and he just moved out of his mum's home. He still goes out to clubs. I would love to tell him to sit his old arse down somewhere. After my great aunt's funeral last month, he got in to an argument with his sister and told her that she thought she was better than him because she went to university, has a stable marriage (he has at least three failed marriages), and has a successful career. I guess she is a bad person for wanting to make something of herself and not considering a disability allowance a type of income. Chav is the PERFECT term.

Now, OP. How in the world did you end up back with these two individuals? Your last post in May basically said that you were done and going to let it go. You have to know that there are plenty of other men and women in the world, right? I feel for you. I swear you and your boyfriend jumped in to this way too soon, and you did not calculate the costs. You are paying dearly now, though, and it shows because you have been miserable since the first post There have been bright moments here and there, but it seems like it has been all bad for the most part. I am sure you are an intelligent and bright young woman, but staying in this situation is silly. Sending you hugs, though.

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