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Originally Posted by searching4answers View Post
I wouldn't have called it an orgy since no one had sex, just fooled around.
How is "fooling around" NOT sex? Was there making out? Were fingers involved, lips, grinding while clothed? It's all sexual, even if you don't call it sex per se.

Originally Posted by searching4answers View Post
I didn't see my mom cause I was on the other side of the room and a bit drunker than I should have been.
Do you mean to say you were fooling around with your mother IN THE SAME ROOM?

Now I've read a lot of disturbing things, like that woman who came here asking us what we thought about her fucking her daughter's FWB and wondering why so many of us were creeped out by it. But... I hope you realize that drunkenness is no excuse. Why are you even thinking about continuing such creepy craziness? Stay away from this situation -- if this is real. It's rather hard to believe that anyone would not have the wherewithal, common sense, and just plain normal social graces to know that the whole situation is fucked up and to be avoided.
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