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hello, i am back with some lost thoughts. everything seems good fairly now i took a break cam back we had a falling out and tried working on this it seems that its just me now whose on the corner of it all. i dont know what happened like i feel like im losing my mind. its like i have no patience and have erupted with an attitude and its like everything that i was the embracing kind understanding person is gone out the window and its pushing bf/gf away ive been feeling for a long time like i get less affection which they are working on but i just dont know why i feel this way i feel so alone in a house of three and i dont know who to turn to because anyone i turn to just says im a fool for being with them that they just have me there because i have an apartment and so they can live there and play house. its like idk i just need someone to listening to me because i feel like im losing myself becuase im not acting like myself after all the dust is settled i have changed and idk how or why hope someone can just take the time to help me sort my thoughts
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