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Post Today is good

Hi Ry-thanks for visiting and chiming in. I am doing much better today. Last night was actually FJ's first overnight with MD, last time he came home around 1am. And to be fair-only the second one on one date they've had. It is out of balance because their relationship is new-and I wanted to give them space to figure out their dyad. And when I had to leave at 7-it was because I needed to be at work at 8am. I actually see MD all the time and way more than FJ-just rarely without her daughter or my kids around. (I just got back from lunch with her and our daughters) This is mostly because she's a single mom-and her only night without her daughter is Tuesday evenings. She works nights as a bartender, so her mom already babysits frequently for her. Anyways-i do plan to ask for some kid free time with her soon. She's planning to make me dinner as a thank you for helping her out, and I'm looking forward to it. And FJ and I are going out of town overnight this weekend without kids to see the Black Keys and Flaming Lips in concert-woohoo! Big indulgence for us because we are financially tight right now since I just quit my job.

FJ had a nice time last night, but had some difficulties performing sexually. He says he is having a hard time wrapping his mind around it. For now, he wants to hang out and build the friendship, but not force anything beyond that unless its natural. This is why they needed the space to figure out their connection....he wasn't even sure what he was up for. Nothing really changes-we will all still hang out and they have the freedom to explore if they want to. Right now they're both happy to go slow. I'm so thankful they are both level-headed and not flying by the seats of their pants. Gives me so much comfort that I'm not going to be left in the dust.

Not sure what the nature of our relationship will evolve into-but things feel good right now.
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