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Default This is Crazy I am posting this here because I can't talk about it else where (other than with parties involved) and I figured that any advice or questions you guys migh thave could be a good thing.

Background: My husband and I have been married almost eight years. About 7 years ago we started talking about swinging. We talked about it for about 3 years before we actually did anything. We have been swingers for around 4 years though we haven't done much this last year or so. About two years ago we started talking about polyamory because we met a poly couple and were just exploring what it meant. About a year ago we started talking about it in direct relationship to our family. I loved the idea that poly might allow us to get more out of love because each person could fulfill different needs in a person. Hubby was interested in a triad. He thought that would be perfect. While I was all for the idea I figured it was better to not be stuck in that thought and that it would put us as "unicorn hunters" (in swinging unicorn hunters aren't looked at quite the same as in poly and I didn't know this at the time...but it still didn't seem like a good situation to be in). :-P

Fast Forward a bit: A few months ago we discussed having things move in that direction, but we didn't move forward with it due to family issues. We were visiting my mom last month. (Here's where it gets a little weird). My mom had a small get together at her house that included us, her, a couple who are her friends, and a single woman who is her friend. We were all drinking and playing games when it was suggested that we play a strip game. Things got...interesting. The single woman and my husband fooled around a lot that night while I was with the couple. It was fun.

End of Last Month: My mom came to visit us end of last month with the single woman as her care giver (she is disabled). Things got really, really hot here with the care giver, hubby, and I. We have been texting the two weeks that she has been gone.

We will be moving to the state where my mom lives (and the care giver) in the next few months (hopefully start of September). We talked with her a little bit about the triad thing. She's not a swinger or familiar with poly, but she really likes the idea of dating us. On the one hand, it is really exciting and on the other hand it's frightening.

Then there is my mom. My mom is 54 and the care giver is 27. My mom really wants her to be her girlfriend. She isn't interested, but I don't know how to deal with that. It's crazy. I talk with my mom and she talks about how things are going well between them moving toward a relationship and then there's this thing that seems to be growing between this woman and us. So...I guess to me...that's the crazy part. :-P
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