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AC doesnt have a sex problem. She doesnt need to "increase desire for her husband." That sounds friggin Biblical.

It's in Genesis: Your husband will rule over you and you will have desire only for him.

Oh yeah Yahweh? Kiss my ass.

This is 2013. Healthy poly in large part exists because of feminism. Her h, because of being Indian, Christian and extremely conservative, is limiting and controlling his wife. It's not just the PIV, it's his lack of desire when she is planning a date with C, when she is about to go see C, when she is just back from seeing C.

And then he's not even an assertive lover. He lies back in bed, a pillow prince/ss: "Worship my gorgeous body, wife. You do all the work to get me aroused so I can penetrate you. Please you? HA! You don't deserve my efforts. I will squeeze your damn leg and turn you off even. *squeeze* There!"

AC and her husband have an INTIMACY and trust problem. All the tips and tricks to spice up your sex life (like trying to make him cum with a HJ) will not work because they are mere flimsy bandaids on the festering sore of their broken trust.

BTW, I think it's kinda shitty that C had forbidden her from breaking up with her h. He's also controlling her, manipulating her and blackmailing her to protect his own image of himself. I do feel he cares about her more though... but still, AC could talk with him more deeply about this. If she left her h, it wouldnt be FOR C, that is another bit of patriarchal nonsense. She can leave C for HERSELF, her own sanity and dignity.
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