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tseras, first off - welcome to the forum! Hope you find some good conversations and maybe friends here.

You asked how to meet other people that may be compatible with your lovestyle. Well, in the same way that monogamous dating can go, there are many different ways, and finding one that suits you and your partner is key.

Some like the online dating world - is a free dating site that, while it isn't poly-only, it is very poly-friendly, in that it allows you to mark yourself as in a relationship and wanting a relationship (which most other dating sites don't). Others like but I have no experience with that site so can't say much about it.

If the online search isn't your bag, then I would recommend looking for other poly folk that live close to you. You haven't said where you live, but there are many social networking groups around - that's a great way to get to know other people who self-identify as polyamorous in a social setting - they usually aren't "dating pools" but it significantly increases your chances of finding people that at least are willing to entertain non-monogamous relationships. I have had very good experiences with this and have made many local friends, which surprised me, because the area I live in is quite conservative.

If you are interested in local resources and are willing to give us an idea of where you live, we may be able to find something for you. isn't a bad start, but it is a little out-dated.

I wish you luck on your search.

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