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Originally Posted by xotheladyxo View Post
. . . I fell like I overwhelmed him last night so I want to make sure he is still on board with everything. I know he still wants a triad and has his heart set on finding one. I hope we find one too, but I want it to develop naturally. I feel like we are making more moves in the right direction. . .
Just know that he may waffle and go back and forth on everything, from being enthusiastic to lukewarm to hating the idea and back to enthusiastic again. That is natural when people embark on something new. It's okay. Just give each other room to process and don't push.

Originally Posted by xotheladyxo View Post
I hope that soon we can start exploring other relationships.
Whatever you do, don't rush into it! The talking and self-examination will help you and your husband know each other and yourselves better, and bring you even closer -- that is a great place to be! Don't let eagerness and impatience get in the way of building a very strong foundation from which to "branch out." You need to feel very secure and aware of all your hopes, fears, and dreams (large and small) before being ready for having multiple relationships.
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