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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Another quick clarification. I am not suggesting that you necessarily end your marriage....

...It might change how much time we spend together or the nature of how our time is spent, but wanting to fuck each other is not intrinsically related to loving and being committed to each other.

My assertion is that you would be better off by not clinging to a dynamic that is not working. If it needs to change, let it change.
Thanks for clarifying. I agree. Things shift and change, and we are definitely not the same couple now as we were 14 years ago. However, our marriage always seems to be better when we are sexually involved. Maybe because it's a reflection of the health of our emotional intimacy. I'd rather fix that, than drop that part of our relationship altogether. I don't think we could be as emotionally close as I'd like to be if we weren't sex partners as well (which is the problem).

I think if he were my only outlet for sexual fulfillment, I'd be more worried about the viability of our relationship. Considering that I do have C, I think I can work on getting back enough of a marital sex life that it feels close, happy, and natural. That's my goal.
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