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Originally Posted by bookworm View Post
Am happy to say that things are better. After Keith cooled off he's been trying to make things better between us. He's been trying to be more affectionate. Am happy to see this change, he's always been a bit standoffish, not very affectionate. I know he loves me and cares about me but not one to want to snuggle and cuddle. That's Bob, he loves to snuggle and touch and I love that.

Bob has been hinting around that someday he is gonna want it to be just me and him. That he's gonna want us to be married and not poly. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I certainly don't want to hurt Keith. He's always so good and supportive when I have had breakups and problems with other relationships in my life. And I love and care about him too. And I feel like the both of them balance my life. Bob is the outgoing, fun affectionate one. And Keith is down to earth, solid serious part. I don't know if I really want one without the other.
Bob might be hinting to see if there's interest on your part in the same. If you want them both, it might help to re-establish how much you care about them both and wouldn't want to be without either one. Bob might need the occasional reminder of those shared feelings for both of them. Just a thought.
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