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Unhappy Boyfriend getting divorced

Background, Married female for 13 years, boyfriend of 10 months-he's now getting divorced. Kind of polyfidelity, meaning we agreed to only be sexually active with each other, (just the boyfriend and I, spouses separate issues), but the boyfriend and I are secondaries, spouses come first.

Trying to make a long story short, years ago, boyfriend not happy in marriage, marriage not meeting his needs ect. . ., basically forced his wife into poly. She seemed to have grown into accepting that, (none of that I agree with and I brought my concerns up). Years pass, I have a relationship with him, not knowing the gory details of that until months later when she tells me. Then, his wife finds a boyfriend and after 4 weeks with the new guy decides it is time to leave the marriage.

So my boyfriend is getting a divorce. What is the best advice for handling him? I despise the idea of him screwing every female that moves, I am honestly afraid of that. Hell, I WILL NOT tolerate that. He is not ready to discuss this with me since he has so much going on. He also travels A LOT, so the opportunity exists and I feel the need to get an agreement. So far the only thing I can come up with is no more sex. How do I handle all this?
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