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Jasper brought up if I would like to go to his sister's wedding. The two of them are very close. I was pleased he invited me but got the sense he thought it would be better if I didn't come. He said that it wouldn't be the best use (for us) of our visit time and funds. Weddings are high stakes drama and I am inclined to stay out of that and I think its kind of a bummer to have people at your wedding that you barely know. On the other hand I would like to be there with him for important stuff and the best use of visit things don't bother me because it is for important stuff. I think I would be sad if he took someone else. I guess I might also be sad if years from now I'm closer with his family and in retrospect it seems like I just didn't bother to go to this important thing or if they do think of me as his girlfriend and feel bad for him that I'm not around for things like this. I'm not trying to push anything on him but he seemed like he was trying to feel me out on the issue and I didn't know the right way to react. He remembers my lack of incorporation into his local life has been a sore spot for me in the past and I worry he is only mentioning it at all for my benefit. His family knew of me when we were "just friends" and have always known I am married. He has mentioned to me that at some point he did tell his immediate family we were in a relationship and if I remember correctly they were mostly just worried he'd get hurt. Knowing what I know of his mother and sister I'm sort of surprised he hasn't taken more grief about it. I attended last Christmas with his family which was the first time I'd met them and they were very nice and welcoming and it was only a normal amount of awkward. I'd hate for her wedding to be the day people start asking questions though. Her fiance's family is extremely conservative and I have a feeling she's going to have her hands full with some of her existing family members already and maybe doesn't need her brother's married girlfriend there on top of it. I don't know...
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