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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
I notice you use the word 'we' a lot. That is, for me, a red flag of warning.

What happens when you discover that you have a different relationship to this new person than your partner does? What happens when it is no longer 'we' but instead a complex 4 relationship situation (AB, BC, AB and ABC)?

The reality is that most people who have a relationship that identifies as 'we', rather than two individuals sharing SOME aspects of their lives, are often co-dependent (you might go do some research on that if you don't recognise the term).

Bringing a third person into a co-dependent relationship is, trust me, not a recipe for long-term success.
This is one of the most fundamental basic important things. And the changes start from the INSIDE, not from the outside. One way to ease into changing the way you think is instead of "we" start using "so-and-so and I" or "so-and-so and me" (use "I" when it's a subject and "me" when it's a predicate. Also there is no such possessive compound pronoun as "so-and-so and I's" That is WRONG. Don't do it, and if you already do it, STOP IMMEDIATELY).

That is all.
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