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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Don't take it personally, BG is very egalitarian when it comes to dispersing his idiosyncratic brand of feedback. He just didn't get the polite and subtle subroutine when they were handing out communication software
Right, I got the "low bullshit threshold subroutine" when they were handing out the software because I was first in line and they only had like ten of those. By the time all the fashionably late people got their subroutines, all they had left was "polite and subtle". I think COBOL disappeared at the end of the 1900's, but I'm not certain.


But I've noticed that he generally has valid points, so it might be worth having a read even if his presentation rubs you the wrong way. I mean, 10 days is a rather short period of time to start making plans even when NRE is running full blast...
The "R" in "NRE" stands for "relationship". This was not a "relationship" so there could not have been "NRE". Ten days and two dates is TEN DAYS AND TWO DATES. Yes it can BECOME a "relationship" but really seriously come on. The OP did this to herself, inside her mind. Unrealistic expectations, not "NRE".

"NRE". Pfeh.
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