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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Hey, sweetie, you're new here. Just a headsup, it's against the rule to call people names here: tool, jerk, asshole, etc.

I'll let BG tell you why he's here. I don't think he meant he should no longer be. It's just his weird warped sense of humor.

You're welcome! Dating is hard! Never settle for less than you deserve though.

I'm not going to hijack this and make it all about me. It is obvious that the OP read my breaking up thread when it first appeared. They can go read the rest of it if they really want that answer. Something tells me it was probably a rhetorical question though.

But seriously, OP. you are acting like a 14 year old girl who thought she'd never get asked on a date, and when she finally does get asked, can't believe the guy doesn't want to commit to marrying her and having babies and riding off into the sunset. I'm telling you to wake up and smell the garbage truck.

And for me, that WAS gentle. You have not SEEN brutal.
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