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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
yes your reaction is normal.
BUT-hers may be as well.
I am a polyamorous woman. I was born poly. I can honestly tell you that in my whole life I've always FELT love deeply with more than one person.
I kept it a secret because I was raised in a strict christian home and thought that I was "flawed".
I married my husband .
I love him deeply and would do damn near to anything for him.
Including try my damnest to be a "good wife" as defined by the church and most of society.
BUT-I couldn't STOP my heart.
I also love my best friend .
I had an affair.
Lots of drama etc.


UM, LR wrote my story for me apparently....We came out publicly this month, but I told my H years ago that I was deeply in love with V and would always be. V wasn't available to recently to be in a Relationship with me but we are working through something very similar.
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