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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm not suggesting you run away from the problem, that is your assessment of what I have said (which is telling). I was giving my observation. You don't find it valuable but some lurkers might. Thanks.
Sorry Marcus, I wasn't trying to dismiss your feedback. I just felt like everyone was answering a different questions from the one I meant to ask. Mine was about fixing my sex life. I felt like it was being misread as "Given this paragraph about my 14 year marriage, do you think he's worth staying with?"

I often feel that when I come on these boards and state a problem I'm having in a relationship, people are quick to jump in and tell me the relationship is not worth keeping. I could have prefaced my question with a history of everything that is right in my marriage, but again, I wasn't asking anyone to judge the merits of staying or leaving. I just want help with my sex life.
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