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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

This rule never works and you guys should scrap it immediately; it just builds resentment. Your relationship is the perfect example of why NOT to have this dumb rule.
Totally agree, I have two stories for you on P in V. One, when BF and I hooked up, after some rather hot rounds of fooling around and dirty talk, he laid it on me that he wasnt sure wife would be ok with P in V. I told him right there and then, if that was the case this wasnt happeneing. we are teenagers.

second, when i broached poly with the hubs, he said i might be ok with it if you dont have sex with him. I told him that was a deal breaker, consenting adults dont go on and on making out and never get around to sex. or if they do they get pretty frustrated and resentful. It was hard, he was mad, we fought, there was tears and harsh words...but it worked out and i enjoy sex lives with both of them.

I used to be like you with your husband...until i told him some of the things BF and i do, and when he saw how much it turned me on he decided to go for it though it wasnt his usual bag, and ended up enjoying it too and our sex life has been the better for it.
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