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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
First off, it seems like you've seriously considered the advice given, and are getting to be okay with the situation. But there is a small red flag that went off in my head....and I hope you don't take it as attacking you.

Are you SURE it was the wife that ended this? I only say that because it seems you never met her, nor talked to her. There is the possibility that he used her as an excuse. If so, I just want to ask...I know it can be very fun to fall in love right away, I've done it, too, and it's fun And, hey, yeah, after two weeks, it's not like we're going to build a life together, kids, white picket fence, but it doesn't hurt to fantasize, right?

My only thing is, did you tell him about that stuff? Because if so, there's a small chance that scared him off. As much as I love fantasizing myself, if a new partner told me that kind of thing after a week, I'd probably bolt.

Again, I'm not saying I think you did, and you probably didn't.
I was JUST going to say the exact same thing.

I also reported the name-calling to the administrator. Just because you don't like being told to take a bath in ice water does not mean you get to call people "tools". Admin, does that remind you of anyone else we know?
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