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What is "polyamory" to you?
Polyamory is having the potential of multiple loving/romantic relationships opposed to the norm, which is having or seeking one romantic relationship at a time.
Tell me about your relationships.
At the moment, I'm seeing two guys. I don't know where those relationships will end up. I also have some friends with benefits and casual sex partners, although, at the moment, I am trying to prioritise the romantic relationships over the sexual ones.

Do you have primaries/secondaries?
Primary/secondary are only terms I use to describe levels of entanglement. I don't live with any of my partners or sharte any practical entanglements such as joint finances, so those terms are moot at the moment.

Everyone equal?
Yes, I have equal obligation to both of my romantic partners. I tend to priorotise by event rather than person, anyway.

Open or closed?
Open, always open.

V? Many?
Um, many I guess, but any three people can also be in a V whilst still being part of many.

I have one but he has no involvement with my partners at this time.

What are the problems you personally face and how do YOU make it work?
Time, not enough time. That's the only issue at the moment.
Why does polyamory work for you?
I guess I'm just wired for it.
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