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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
And he's a manly man, truck driver who likes to blow things up? Eek.
Lol. You have no idea how many people ask me how we ended up together because we are completely different people. Yes, he is a burly, manly man, vanilla, redneck, truck driver and I am an artsy, completely girly, like to shop and have my nails, kinky, poly, bi, blogger. We have almost nothing in common aside from our music interest and our love for each other. We met in high school, but I refused to date him for years because he wasn't even my type. I love a well dressed, book smart, clean cut, business type man. . .this is not my husband at all. I find that we compliment each other perfectly. Where he is strong, I am weak and vise versa. It just works for us and I think we have something beautiful.

He is jealous, I put it in caps more so to bring the focus to that emotion/trait than to say that he is EXTREMELY JEALOUS. He isn't over the top. He isn't going through my phone and not allowing me to go any where, but he does express his discontent when I bring up a story regarding an ex when it is relevant to the conversation or if I see one of my old guy friends and I give them a hug.

We did have a very lengthy discussion about everything from his jealousy to dating separately and the conversation went 150 times better than I could have imagined. It started out kind of how I expected it to with my husband being closed minded to dating separately, but the more I talked, and read to him the more he understood and warmed up to the idea. By the end of our conversation he told me that he was 100% comfortable with me dating and having relationships with women without him. But he wasn't comfortable with me dating men. This is alright with me because, at this point, I don't want another relationship with a man, I want to date women, but I did tell him that we would have to work on that because at some point I might want to explore a relationship with another man and I would want him to be open and comfortable with it. He agreed to work on it. I asked him if he would be comfortable dating and having relationships with women without me, he said it would make him uncomfortable, but he was open to trying. He expressed concerns of being able to meet someone because he isn't very tech savvy and spends next to no time on the computer. I offered to help him as much and in any was as I could.

I think he still has his heart set on the triad and he does hope that one will develop naturally. I do hope for this too, but my heart isn't set on it like his is. I do feel a lot better after talking to him and I probably shouldn't have assumed he would be completely against it. We still have a lot more talking to do, I feel like I overwhelmed him a bit last night. But, all moves in a good direction I think.

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