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Archive Girl is awesome. I... don't know what's going on there physically (we haven't kissed or held each other, even) but I love talking with her, unpacking and repacking thoughts and experiences with the ease of old friends doing laundry together, folding shirts and matching socks.

Grotto's still so bruised. He's been awash with chemicals and comedowns, and his moods haven't been kind to him. I've been talking with him much more recently, once or twice a day, and writing e-mails too. I'm also buying a three month rail pass which will allow me to visit regularly. Travel was getting too expensive to do enough of... Long distance has been so rough this time around.

It's a long train journey (11 hours each way) but I'll do it overnight so I can have four days and three nights in the city with my Boys every two weeks or so. Yup. See how that goes.

I'm also scouting for work back there too... Seems like I might be onto something, but it's too early to tell at this stage.

I caught up with Grotto's friend (who I slept with) the other day, for the first time after our crash landing. I was ultra cautious... I'm not sure whether I should see him. I like him! And it's fun to catch up. We went rock climbing, and grabbed food and a couple of beers afterwards. I waited with him for his train. It was a cold night, and he was shivering... Fuck, dude. I couldn't stand there... Hadn't touched him all night but I gave him a bear hug from behind, and said "sorry I can't not be maternal." I think it wasn't feeding any sexual tension, but I have to be so careful.


More later, I just got room service! Pumpkin soup, yum. I'm on a work trip to a rural location, and had a big day of meetings today. Treating myself to some downtime. Got a travel allowance so may as well decompress
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