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Default A Slight Development...

Sorry, should have been more specific; I do live with my beau.

Sunnydee, I like your idea of going on a date first. However, I can just tell that this guy likes me a lot and seems to be more of an emotional type--more a beta male than an alpha male--so I don't want to give him the wrong impression. Oh, and thanks for the reality check, I'm not the only star in the sky. Lol.

I also used to start off telling people that I was in an open relationship, but like you said, it was just too much too soon for them. When I started things that way, it seemed the guy would prefer to move onto something easier and more normal, rather than understand what an open relationship meant.

Well, my newest development was in my last conversation with the guy, Michael. I said, "I have a different idea of the way things should be, especially relationships." I described the way people usually react to my beliefs (usually a negative comment or incredulous look) to try to set him up to expect something a little different. I told him I'm not ready to go further into that yet (I'm still just getting to know him).

So now hopefully the impending conversation won't be such a shock to Michael and he'll be a little more open to what I have to say.

Again, thanks to all for taking the time to make my life a little easier.
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