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Originally Posted by franchescasc View Post
Love everything about my ISFP except for that. And it's kinda a biggie for me. I'm hoping as we both want to make this work, we'll meet in the middle. But Lord have mercy-it's a real exercise in empathy for me as an ESTJ. I just took the test again today, and tested ENFJ....I think my people are making me see things differently lol
I wish I had successful experience to pass on regarding getting an ISFP to open up, on a more than rarely situational basis. My personality started as a deep INFJ years ago but has gradually shifted to me being very close to an ENFJ now. Not quite, but still I think it's due to the amount of planning that goes into getting a partner to communicate who's of that persuasion. Head, meet brick wall, keep repeating until you succeed.

As an aside, from a physical perspective I adore ISFP's. They are endless in their passion for sensuality and deeply enjoyable with sex/lovemaking. If only those skills could be transferred to talking. Sigh.

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