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You're asking a question that others could only ever give their opinion based on how they chose to shape polyamory in their lives. These would in no way signify whether you are getting the whole polyamory thing correct for you and your life or whether you can call yourself polyamorous. That is a personal decision.

While others' experiences may give you insight as to how you might practice polyamory, in the end you must form your opinion of what polyamory is for you based on your own research and personal preferences.

There are poly and non-monogamous resources which may be helpful to you in developing what polyamory will be in your life. They've been mentioned here in various places. Among many many other online resources, a good place to start is I'm sure others will be highlighted as well

Are you a polyamorist or non-monogamous individual between the ages 18-35? Are you located in New York State or the Northeast?
Join us at The Network, a social and socially aware network which connects young polys and progressive polys of all ages.

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