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Thank you very much for your input. I guess it is just hard for me to see the future at this point. I don't know why I am letting myself get so discouraged so quickly. The first time I even suggested having a poly relationship with my husband was while we were looking for our first apartment together and he IMMEDIATELY dismissed the idea. I never nagged, I never pushed, I just let it go. I continued to bring it up now and again to see if his feelings changed and over time he started to open his mind to the idea. Maybe he started to trust me more? I'm not sure. So to answer your question, nycindie, we have been talking about this for a couple of years, but he has only been on board for about 7 months or so. Now he is very open minded to a triad. So I shouldn't jump to conclusions that my husband will be totally against it and this will be the end of our polyamory exploration. This wouldn't be the first thing that I have gotten him into and gotten him to love. We will have to do a lot of talking and reading and thinking together and hopefully we can come to a conclusion that makes us both happy.
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