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I am currently in a relationship with my high school best friend. He and I met when I was 12 and he was 13. We were best friends all throughout high school, and also dated a bit and were somewhat physical too (lots of kissing and more, but never had a full on sexual relationship, we didnt want to "ruin" our friendship).

We never really broke up, we just drifted apart after graduation. I moved 70 miles away, We both got married. I was married twice. We saw each other only sporadically, like reunions, a wedding, and a couple of family themed events. After 25 years, we saw each other at a dinner party in January and it was like BAM!!!!! All the things we ever felt for each other came back and it took us both very much by surprise.

We have been talking every day, seeing each other every week, and it feels completely right for us. Again, we did not have a break up, so we never had any of those negative experiences with each other. But we always had feelings for each other, and we have decided to just let those feelings flow and be what they are.

One of the things that is such an important part of our relationship is the shared experiences. My husband did not grow up in the same state as me, let alone the same town. BF and I have shared childhood friends, he knows my parents and I know his, he is still in contact with many of the people I knew growing up. There is something to be said for "going home".....

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