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Originally Posted by DanHank View Post
Ummmm,, thanks for the reading we already done,, couldn't you have sent it private to me since your so worried about us... Bashing someone's first post isn't cool, calling someone names when their not is so not cool either? Admin help! We are under attack!
First, let me welcome you to Polyamorism DanHank & thank you again for supporting our thread.

I guess we're in the same boat friend. I'm starting to think these Crabs have no real intention of helping people like us, but pull us down to their quality of life so we'd be as miserable as them. Don't let it happen, even as they're negatively affecting this forum & our community to new people like you, with their remarks.

The Crabs attacked us just as you, but obviously have chosen the wrong people. We welcome debate & stand firm until our argument's clearly proven wrong.

These Crabs won't ever understand where we're coming from. Take a closer look at David Noble:

See that man? That's where they're coming from. Now...would you think he's a Unicorn or a Crab? People like Noble & these Crabs can't handle a pure Triad. Hence, since they find a Triad impossible, they want to dissuade people like you & us from attaining it. Like Noble, these Crabs wish to impose their failures on you. You're not them & do have a chance at reaching a successful Triad.

I grew up in an environment which is the result of polygamy inside Old Tasawwuf. A belief system that allowed both spouses to marry others by permission of the Primary Spouse.: True Polyamorism, thousands of years before the Greeks & Romans gave Westerners the means to give this life-choice a term. My paternal grandfather & 6 of his 13 wives--my paternal grandmothers practiced Dual Polygamy.
These Crabs have probably never even conceived of such an idea as Dual Polygamy, much less heard of it. They can barely connect 3 people, imagine them trying several like my grandfather. lol~

If I became a Tassawwuf tomorrow, that community--especially via my family would try matchmaking me, which would lead to a Triad or more. However, my goal isn't to construct a harem, just add 1 bisexual woman for my wife & I. Besides, I would never try persuading or coercing my wife to renounce Taoism. I'm happy the way she is.


I'm just here to support you DanHank & remind you--from Experience a Triad's not impossible as long as you're honest from beginning. I suggest you repost your OP to various Polyamory-friendly forums & quality personals sites; like us. Something will turn up. The only difficulty is turning people away or not connecting to someone you thought would be a good fit.

Too bad there isn't a way to block Crabs from your threads. That would prevent much of this nonsense.

Chin up & soldier on DanHank!
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