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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
For what it's worth, I hope I am wrong in my opinion above. After the back and forth in this thread over the last few months, I didn't want to read about it much anymore. Living it though....hard to imagine it. Whatever you do, I wish you the best.
*shrug* I created this, so I have no one to blame but myself. There was no back and forth. I let go of the hope that it could ever be again. I could have saved many headaches and months if I had let that go in the beginning. I knew what it was, and I still wanted the outcome to be different. My decisions. My choices. My [continued] actions. There was no one who could stop this from spiralling any further than me. I may have hurt her, but I would rather do that than have to rise from the ashes again. Shit happens and life goes on. You live and you learn.
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