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South of France, somewhere near Marseille or Cassis. Preferably somewhere near the sea, with both my loves and other assorted lovers nearby. Probably living with Fly, with Moonlight in her own place but very close. Getting fat on olive oil and ratatouille, and sloshed on rosť every afternoon. Kitties, chickens, a garden, sunshine and salt water. We have a lot of friends in the area, so people visiting, letting me cook for them, would make my heart happy.

Moonlight would never move overseas, though, so it's mine and Fly's dream, and is sort of our retirement plan. We need to stay put for at least another 9 years, anyway, because of Kiddo's mom.

So, in more near-future terms, my picket fence would be everything as it is, except with Moonlight living closer, hopefully in my neighborhood or next door.

- Moonlight, single, leans monogamous, girlfriend since 6/2012
- Punk, married guy, poly, FWB since 9/2011 with an emphasis on the "F"
- No longer lives with ex-boyfriend Fly (1/2006 - 12/2013, my introduction to nonmonogamy, ultimately amicable breakup), and his 11-year-old son Kiddo
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