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Hehe I spent Saturday night grilling and playing board games with my gf and son. However, I did get laid by my bf Friday morning and by my gf Sunday morning. Sorry to hear I am not a "twue poly."

I did get this advice from the mod Imaginary Illusion back in April

This is just a general notice, not an actual infraction. I'm just using the tool to make sure the subject thread is marked. You're not in trouble...

We don't need to start flame wars and pick on unicorn hunters or really anyone for their preferences in the personals area. It's not the place for discussion or debate about what they're looking for.

To fill in the history of the personals section of the forum, we initially didn't have one, because this wasn't intended as a hookup site. The problem was that people looking for hookups were constantly posting their personal adds in the intros section or other places even when not interested in discussion.

So we created the personals area for those kinds of ads to be that is doesn't clog up other areas of the forum. So regardless of what it is someone is looking for, or how much it may trigger your own sensibilities, if it's in the personals area, it's best left alone. They'll make their way over to the discussions area eventually if their so inclined. The vast majority will make one or two ad posts, and never be seen again.

So, please just leave the area's not worth the hassle, and it's pretty much just there as a collection area for the posts that are never going to amount to a useful discussion anyways.

If you do see a personal type ad in the intro section though, please report via regular report post method, and one of us will move it over to the personals area to get it out of the way.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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