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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Maybe you didnt want to spend a day with Matt's mom after she spent time asking Si difficult questions?

OTOH, maybe you're a privileged and spoiled little rich girl who wants all the candy. Your recount of the over the top party for your daughter (what 4 year old needs a full on spa day for her and several friends, AND shopping in a pink limo, AND lunch at a fancy restaurant, AND a fashion show AND shoot? Whatever happened to pizza, cake and ice cream at home with a few simple party games?)

And then you get your own party thrown by your parents, which exceeds the WEDDING parties of most people, just as a going away party.

It sounds like the lifestyle of a nouveau riche rapper that one would see on MTV.

Now I understand, you're on Matt's home turf. He's Australian! His critical mom is right there in your face! So, off you go to something that is yours, your gf, for an entire day. "Take THAT, MIL and Matt!"

Fucking things up with Matt all over again.

But never mind, you've got museums and zoos and shows coming up. $$$ will fix everything.
Money has nothing to do with this. Could I live off daddy's money and be set? Of course. Money does not fix everything because if it did, none of this would be a problem. Yet, it is. No amount of money can or will fix it. I created this monster.

I was not trying to stick it to Matt or my MIL. She lives in another part of the country, so I will not be seeing her every day. I have no desire to do that. She came to help for the week and to see our children. For the first time in 11.5 years of marriage, I was on good terms with her. This weekend did not blow over well with her. She did not say much, but she is disappointed in me.

And yes, I spent all of Monday with my children at museums, shows, and doing things with them. We moved to a new place, so yes, I do want them to experience new things. Was the day over the top? No. I have already said that I am not cut out to be a stay at home mum, so getting out of the house was a must. Matt was at work, and the city is very child-friendly. I prefer to get them involved in things with other children and encourage my oldest to be active. We went to a Disney themed morning tea, Chinese Museum for a treasure hunt, Snow White pantomime, Disney on Ice, and had lunch at an organic cafe. We made it home around 4:30. Just in time for them to take naps, while I started on dinner. These are things that they would have likely done with Nanny J. Sitting at home playing video games, watching television, and eating themselves silly does not appeal to me.
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