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What is the difference between a "normal" lover and a "poly" lover?

What is it about saturday night and early sunday morning that makes the determination between whether someone is "poly-adjacent" or "poly aspirant" (those are new terms to me, is it supposed to mean a person who wishes they were in more than one relationship? I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth).

Also, are you trying to say that dagferi is not really poly because if she were, she would be on a date or getting laid instead of posting on here?

If you say i am "attacking" you, you are wrong. I'm asking questions because i want to understand what the HECK you are talking about.

By the way, i am in 2 long term relationships and got laid by a new person friday, saturday, and Sunday, then came home and got fucked by my spouse, so you can talk to me like the equals that we are. But i also posted on this forum in between orgies, so i'm not sure if that makes me poly-adjacent or something else you have up in your real-world, experienced vocabulary.

Aaaaaaaand...... Go!
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