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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Op you have been nothing but rude since you first posted on this board.
You may want to review what you read:
  1. We were attacked.
  2. I gave Cindie the benefit of doubt.
  3. Then we responded & continue to respond in kind.

Others lacking who self esteem may allow people to walk over them, but we do not. We're only as rude to others, as they are to us.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Btw in the age of smartphones it is easy to post to a message board while doing other things as I am right now. I am actually in line at Walmart. So your theory that just because someone has time to post to the forums they can't be poly is false.
First off, despite the technology, not even if I were telepathic would I've the time to spend so long on any forum when single. It's called a having life. I had plenty of better things to do with my smartphone when single, & trust me...I did much better things with the company I keep.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Define Polyamory for me. I am curious what you believe that is. And what the heck is this poly lifestyle folks mainly newbies keep throwing around. The reason I ask is because from what I have seen there is no lifestyle.
If you want a definition of Polyamory from a newbie you have to find & ask one. However from someone like me, a poly is someone who carries on several relationships simultaneously with all who partake having full knowledge of the other relationships & often are intermingled with each other. The distinction of Polyamory from say Swinging, is a polyamorous relationship doesn't remain casual, but deepens.

It sounds so clinical when described by me. The only way to truly understand is, instead of texting on your phone while on line at Walmart, begin a conversation with someone you're attracted to in line. See where it goes with the person; if anywhere. I always start with a Hello or Hi.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
I am sure you're going to tell me I am not poly.. since I am not a bisexual woman.
Wow... I suggest you reread my OP. My wife is bi, & I'm a straight male. The poly experiences I alluded to were mine; not hers. Here's an example: What were you doing between Saturday night & early Sunday morning? Would it be wrong to guess it was not spent with one of your normal or poly lovers? Exactly.

That's the difference between you & I. Perhaps like many of our posters on this thread, it's evident you're just poly-adjacent or poly-aspirant; lacking empirically in practice.

Antagonism isn't my aim here, but expect as much or more from me as you send my way. I hope we understand one another Dagferi.
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