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Originally Posted by DanHank View Post
It's so sad to see so many new people attacked when they make their first post. Just because a couple is looking for a woman doesn't make them a unicorn hunter,, I think you all just love bashing people with that term. It took me and mine a lot of courage and a lot of thinking and research, to gather courage and make a post. When we did post we were bashed like this as well. Where is all this anger generated from? We're you not accepted in a relationship? Why does the site admin allow newcomers to be bashed and made fun of?

Thank you DanHank

I've concluded that most of the people posting actually have little to no actual active experience in the community, but simply speculate from their keyboards or phone.

We've already explained our circumstances. Anything from here is just reiteration to people incapable or unwilling to comprehend. It's good know someone understands. Thank you again
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