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Default Update (boring)

Friday evening Spouse and their ex had the final breakup talk. I don't know specific words that were said, but they are still on friendly terms and i just asked spouse "are you ok?"

While they were doing that, i was on my long holiday weekend at the camp resort and i met a new person and got a little freaky with them. Make that quite freaky. Not freaky in a creepy way but freaky in a way that is going to give me a use for these communication talents of mine that i have, lol.

You know how you have sex with someone and it's all good then afterward when you're typing to them you say something and think "gee maybe that didn't sound the way i meant it, so you write another one and another one to explain the last one? It was like that. But Spouse was pretty happy for me & i think it turns them on that people find me attractive in their absence or whatever, lol.
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