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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
I've seen far too many people switch back from one to the other. It's certainly possible, because it happens. And a lot of folks never look back.

In this particular thread, obviously someone's going to crack, eventually. Probably Matt or the OP, based on how they handle conflict. Si just has to sit back and wait for it.
That may be true of people who started out mono, but those of us who have never lived monogamously have a harder time of it. The longest I have ever been able to stay mono was 2 years and 4 months and that only meant I wasn't dating anyone else. I was still making out with my female friends on a fairly regular basis. But neither Runic Wolf or I thought that counted when we were 16-18 years old. In the 13 years that we have been married there has always been someone else for one or both of us be it FWB or a full blown relationship. He recently said that he sometimes wished it were different, that I loved only him, but I had to gently remind him that I am not capable of that and never have been. I had to remind him that before I knew about poly, before he and I met, I regularly dated two guys at once until I was able to let the one I liked least go easily, because my religious upbringing said I had to choose.
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